Diesel Heaters

Diesel Heaters

Local Tool Sales provides a range of quality Industrial Diesel Heaters.


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HEATER -  IR20 - Infrared, Paraffin, Kerosene & Diesel Heater 20.5KW 230V - CT0279

Features Infrared heater suitable for well ventilated indoor applications. Clean burning u..
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HEATER  - Diesel Space/Paraffin Heater - 170,000BTU with thermostatic temp control - CT0014

Features Space Warmer Paraffin Kerosene Diesel Heater 170,000Btu/hr with Wheels Fitted wit..

HEATER - Diesel Space/Paraffin Heater with thermostatic temp control - CT0013

Features Industrial Space Warmer Diesel Heater​ 103,000 Btu/hr Heat output. Fitted..

HEATER  - Diesel Space/Paraffin Heater 60,000BTU with thermostatic temp control - CT416

Features Industrial Space Warmer Paraffin Kerosene Diesel Heater​ 60,000 Btu/hr Heat outp..