SCREED - HONDA - Surface Finishing Easy Screed Pro Float + Free Blade - CT0154
Brand: Local Tool Sales
Product Code: CT0154 - HONDA
Availability: Low Stock
Price: £499.00


  • Petrol 4 Stroke Engine.
  • Comes with one blade - other blades available as extras.
Item Model S4H
Engine Air Cooled, 4 Cycle
Engine Type Honda
Power 1.2 kw(hp)
Weight 12.7 kg(lbs)
  • Weight of blades, the total weight of the machine should be the weight the engines assembly plus the weight of the blades.
Blades Model S4H
Blade size m(ft) 1.22(4) 1.8(6.0) 2.44(8.0) 3.0(10.0)
Weight kg(lbs) 2.9(6.4) 4.36(9.6) 5.81(12.8) 7.27(16)

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