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Product Code: Sub Water Pump - 110V
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  • Clean water submersible water pump - 1"
  • Accepts running muddy weater
  • Ideal for draining ponds, pools and tanks
  • Domestic use
  • CE Compliant
  • Suitable for Use in the Home & Garden
  • Fully Submersible - Works up to Depth of 5m
  • Durable, Corrosion Proof Body
  • Versatile Pump Suitable for a Range of Uses Including;
    • Pumping Clean & Dirty Water (up to 35m particle size)
    • Draining Flood Water
    • Transferring Liquids
    • Draining Containers
    • Lifting Water from Wells and Shafts
    • Draining Boats & Yachts
  • Built in Automatic Float Switch allows for both Manual and Automatic Switching
    • Manual Operation - Starts When Plugged in & Float Switch Lifted
    • Automatic Operation - Switches On/Off Automatically at Set Water Heights
  • 110 V PLUG
  • Fully CE Approved
  • GS/TUV Approved
  • Includes 1" and 1.25" Hose Outlet Adaptors
  • When first submerged ensure there are no air locks by moving up and down in water
  • Not Designed For Continuous Use Voltage/Frequency:110V
  • Nominal Power: 400W
  • Max Pump Rate: 7500L/H
  • Max Lifting Height: 5m
  • Max Submersion Depth: 5m
  • Height of Residue Water: 35mm
  • Starting Height: 53cm
  • Turn Off Height: 5cm
  • Minimum Water Level for Operation: 7cm
  • Max Particle Size: 35mm
  • Max Liquid Temperature: 35 Degrees C
  • Connectors: 1", 1 -1/2"
  • Cable: H05RN-F3G0.75MM²
  • Length of Cable: 10m
  • Includes Instructions
Item No Submersible Pump
Description Water Pump
Voltage 110V
Tank n/a
Power 400w
flow rate 7500 lper hr
max lift height 5 mtr
max sub depth 5mtr
Net Weight 10Kg

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