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Local Tool Sales is a provider of quality Space Heaters, Oil Heaters, Gas Heaters, Electric Heaters, Infrared Heaters and On-site Lighting at the best prices.


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HEATER -  IR20 - Infrared, Paraffin, Kerosene & Diesel Heater 20.5KW 230V - CT0279

Features Infrared heater suitable for well ventilated indoor applications. Clean burning u..
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HEATER  - Diesel Space/Paraffin Heater - 170,000BTU with thermostatic temp control - CT0014

Features Space Warmer Paraffin Kerosene Diesel Heater 170,000Btu/hr with Wheels Fitted wit..

HEATER - Diesel Space/Paraffin Heater with thermostatic temp control - CT0013

Features Industrial Space Warmer Diesel Heater​ 103,000 Btu/hr Heat output. Fitted..

HEATER  - Diesel Space/Paraffin Heater 60,000BTU with thermostatic temp control - CT416

Features Industrial Space Warmer Paraffin Kerosene Diesel Heater​ 60,000 Btu/hr Heat outp..

HEATER  - Propane Gas Heater - 50W - CT0016

Features 175,000 BTU 50 KW Space Warmer Propane Heater Many users have found the advanta..

HEATER  - Infrared Heater - 240V - CT108

Features Infrared Heater - 240v Infrared halogen lamps Easy change clip-in lamps Die-cas..

HEATER  - Infrared Heater - 1500W 110V - CT108

Features Infrared Heater - 110v Infrared halogen lamps Easy change clip-in lamps Die-cas..

LIGHTS - Plasterers Lights 110V - CT0100

Features Energy saving fluorescent light 110V 2 x 18W 2 of 16A CEE sockets 5M Cable wi..

HEATER - Propane Gas Heater - 15 KW - CT0015

Features Space Warmer Porpane Heater 50,000Btu/hr with Wheels Fitted with thermostat indic..

HEATER - Industrial Infrared Halogen Patio Heater - 1300W - CT106

Features Industrial Infrared Halogen Heater. 1300 Watt Heater. 240 Volt. ..

1 - HEATER - Propane Gas Heater - 10KW - CT0267

Features Ideal for domestic and commercial use Adjustable heater dispersal High Efficien..

LIGHTS - 110V - 22 Metres - Festoon Lights - CT0229

Features 22 Metres 110v Copper and Plastic Construction Suitable for indoor and outdoor ..

HEATER  - Infrared 240V  500W Halogen - CT105

Features 240 volt single 500w head tripod site light 500w power Comes complete with 5..

HEATER  - Infrared Heater - 2KW Electric Heater - CT109

Features Infrared Electric Heater Model: CT109 Watt:2000W Volt:230V 3 Heating Setting ..


Features CE Compliant Item No Fan Heater Descript..