BATTERY - Battery Charger Booster 12V/24V 900A - CT231
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Don't let a flat battery stop you in your tracks with this portable power pack.

This unit is brand new so grab yourself a QUALITY product at a BARGAIN price.

Portable power pack with on / off power switch, integral worklight, battery charge indicator and heavy duty booster cables with insulated jaws. Starts cars, trucks, recreational vehicles etc. without the need for another vehicle or jump leads.

12v DC cigarette socket with overload protection provides power for many appliances eg. mobile phones, lights, radios, fans, camcorders, digital cameras, car vacuums, electric tools, pumps, coolers etc.

Battery-powered starter suitable for 12-24V starting of cars, vans, boats, agricultural vehicles, power sources etc. When connected to the cigar-lighter outlet it maintains the voltage on all circuits during battery changes and is also a 12V power source for use in emergencies. Fit with a safety switch for starting, it does not damage the electronics of the vehicle and allows for a large number of starting operations before being recharged.

PRO START 2824 can be recharged using the special power supply, connected to the mains network, or using the cigar-lighter outlet of the vehicle (for the safeguard of the battery, charge for 12 hours before use, charge again after each use and every 3 months in any case).


  • CT231 Battery Charger Booster 12V/24Volt 900A
  • Safety switch
  • Overload protection
  • Polarity reversal protection acoustic/luminous alarm
  • High efficiency led lamp
  • Battery charge status led
  • Battery charging status led
  • 2 x 12V jack sockets
  • Cable-holder pocket.


  • Complete with: 230V AC 12V DC power adaptor, positive-negative cables with clamps, high efficiency lamp, double jack cable.
Item CT231
Code 829517
Mains Voltage 230V 50/60Hz 1 Phase
Starter Voltage 12-24V
Battery Capacity 44 / 22 Ah
Output Current 800A
Starting Peak Current 2500A
Dimensions (L,W,H) 205x335x360mm
Weight 16,1 Kg

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