MULTI function - TIG / MMA / PLASMA - CT 416
Brand: Local Tool Sales
Product Code: CT416
Availability: Low Stock ( 1 Left )
Price: £2,349.00


  • Advanced inverter technology, reduced size and weight, easy to carry
  • Novel and effective, and low cost
  • Three functions in one machine, Tig welding, MMA welding and air plasma cutting
  • Compact and easy for operation
  • Complete accessories: Welding torch, welding cable, earth clamp, welding holder, cutting torch, carton box
  • Photograph is a stock photo but the specification is correct. Machine supplied with be an LTS UK branded model
Item CT416
Power voltage(V) 240 V
Rated input capacity(KVA) 6
No-load loss(W) 40
Current range(A) 15-160
Rated output voltage(V) 120
Rated duty cycle(%) 60
Efficiency(%) 85
Insulation class B
Protection class IP21
Weight(KG) 13
Measurement size(MM) 505x250x385
Max.cutting thickness(MM) 12

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