CUT 40 - CUT Series -  DC Inverter Plasma Cutter - CUT 40
Brand: Giant
Product Code: CUT 40
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  • Cutting capacity increased 1.8 times higher in cutting speed compare with flame cutter
  • Thick metal plate can be cut easily and quickly.
  • Suitable for cutting stainless steel, copper, iron and aluminium metal etc.
  • Simple operation, smooth cutting surface.
  • Hf untouched Arc-starting cutting (70,100,120)
  • Hf touched Arc-staring cutting (30,40,60).
Item CUT-40
Power voltage(V) 1~230
Rated input capacity(KVA) 4.8
No-load voltage(V) 230
Current range(A) 20-40
Rated output voltage(V) 96
Rated duty cycle(%) 60
Efficiency(%) 85
Insulation class F
Protection class IP21
Weight(KG) 11
Measurement size(MM) 460x270x345
Max.cutting thickness(MM) 12
Cod.(NO) 894004


Cut40D GiantTech Plasma Cutter Piercing and cutting 1/4 inch

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