TIG Series - AC/DC inverter TIG / MMA PULSE Welder - TIG  WSE 200P
Brand: Giant
Product Code: TIG 200P
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Price: £399.00


  • Quality square wave power supply, stable arc, HF arc stabilization not necessary;
  • Concentrated heat, easy to fill in the wire, especially suitable for wire welding in bicycle industry, etc;
  • Foot pedal controller connection facilitates welder’s operation;
  • Built-in alarming and protective circuits are provided to prevent over current, over heat, over voltage,low voltage, etc and ensure safe operation;
  • High duty cycle,continuous operation with out interruption at large current is available;
  • Suitable for welding of various metallic materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.
  • Ac Dc Welder Comes complete with Tig Torch, Earth Lead, MMA Torch and Foot Pedal.
Item WSME 200
Main voltage (V) 240
Rated input current (A) 15
Output current range (A) 10~200
Preheat time(S) 0~2
Delay time(S) 2~10
Attenuated time(S) 0~5
Arc strike time HF
No-load voltage(V): 60
Rated output voltage.(V): 18
Insulation class: F
Efficiency(%) 80
Duty cycle(%) 60
Weight(KG): 22
Machine size(MM) 600x410x610
Cod.(NO) 892020

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