TIG-C Series - DC Inverter TIG / MMA Pulse Welder - TIG  200M
Brand: Giant
Product Code: TIG 200M
Availability: Low Stock
Price: £169.00


  • Minimising, lightness, high quality and energy-saving
  • Good arc-starting and arc force, it can resist disturbing stable arc and little spatter.
  • High welding quality, deep penetration and strong strength.
  • Auto protection of over-voltage and over-current.
  • Be able to work continuously, it can balance automatically when voltage is waving.
  • Suit for welding all kinds of basic welding rod.
  • Be able to weld cellulose rod.

Tig 200m machine comes complete with Tig Torch, MMA Torch and Earth Lead.

Item TIG200M
Main voltage (V) 230
Input voltage frequency (HZ) 50/60
Rated input current (A) 19.8
No-load voltage (V) 56
Output current adjustable
Range (A)
Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60
Efficiency (%) 85
Insulation class F
Protection class IP21
Measurement (mm) 460x270x345
Power Factor 0.9
Weight (KG) 9
Usable electrode (mm) 1.6~4.0
Cod.(NO) 892012

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